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All You Need To Know About Electrical Services

If you are looking for electrical services Auckland, then you have browsed the right site. This article will answer your questions, giving you detailed about services in New Zealand.

What is an electrician qualified to do in New Zealand?

An electrician is capable of more than you think. From proper house rewiring, installing electrical systems, new power sockets and light switches and new lighting till testing the existing electrical system, an electrician has got you covered.

What are the qualifications of a licensed electrician?

You should be aware that an electrician must have a Level 4 National Certificate (Electrical Engineering or Electricity Supply).  Registration with the Electrical Workers Registration Board is a must in New Zealand. If you are looking for an electrician ask them to get the copies of the aforementioned certifications, as this evidence are must for deciding the licensed worker.

What will it all cost?

The cost of hiring an electrician lies solely on how big your job is along with the complexity it involves. The materials which will cost your house is often counted separately by various electricity service providers.  To give you a rough estimate, experienced electricians take about $75 an hour for electrical services Auckland. The quote mentioned is just a rough call, the price may shoot or plump down solely depending on the nature of the work. For cheaper options, people usually go for hiring apprentices who cost around $25 an hour. But make sure the apprentices are recommended by an experienced or a qualified electrician.

Decide for yourself a package ranging from short to long contracts. If your work demands only repairing a switch then you should surely opt for hourly service opposes with the work of rewiring your house which may consume weeks.

Can you the electrical work yourself?

It totally depends on your skills and the confidence you have in yourself. If you own a good past experience and you own your house, only then you can go down this road. The law itself says any electrical work can be done by you as far as you own the rights of the house and if your work meets market standards. If you meet all the criteria then after doing the work make sure to get your work checked by a licensed electrical service provider like Smith Co. Electrician Auckland.  Getting inspected is very crucial, as a wrong placement of a single wire can cost you a lot. With no hole of doubt, you can repair your own appliances but on the condition, if it is done safely and legally.

What is a certificate of compliance?

Never let go of the electrician you hired without a certificate of compliance. If the electrician won’t provide you with such certification then it is a red flag, so you must report him and never rehire him. On contrary, if you get provided with the certificate of compliance then keep it as safe as you can. You will be needing the certificate later if any problem arises in your electrical system.  The certificate will also be important at the time of selling the house and or claiming an insurance. If the work was only minor and involved just fixing a switch then this certificate of compliance is not required.

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